Kirsty Jones World Champion Kitesurfer | Ambassador for the Ocean
Explorer | Kitesurf and Yoga Coach

Welcome to Kirsty Jones Website

Kirsty is a true waterwoman and pioneer in the kitesurfing world, winning multiple World, National, and Master of the ocean titles, not to mention pushing the limits of long distance kitesurfing to a new level through her solo kitesurf crossings for charity.

Kirsty is a powerful inspiration to many, yet world titles are not enough for this extreme mermaid. Kirsty has helped, and touched the lives of many through her projects, ventures, and her KJ Experience kite, surf and yoga courses and coaching. Helping others is important to Kirsty, and through her long distance kitesurf crossings, between continents and countries, she has raised a significant amount of money and awareness for various charities.

Kirsty also runs Kitesurf, Yoga and Surf courses, workshops and coaching in some of her favourite locations world wide.

Through all of Kirsty's ventures and courses, her underlying ambtition is to help others enjoy and connect with the ocean, elements and nature, reach their goals and ambitions, and condition and free the body and mind through Yoga. 

Kirsty calls for you to join her on her salty, wind swept mission!









Kirsty Jones in Stand Up Paddle action

Kirsty Jones is part of the Fanatic International Stand Up Paddle (SUP) / Surf Team.