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This is my first ‘blog’ or piece for my new website, and to be honest it’s a bit of an experiment as I really don’t know how to use this supposedly easier word press way to update my site, and its needs decent internet for a start, which I don’t have living and working in the desert! Therefore, its slightly frustrating!
So I’m just going to write, and rant for the first one!
When I do actually make the time to do something with my website or media updates, the internet is so fluky and unreliable, that nothing actually gets completed, and this really tests my patience!
If it’s nature, I have all the patience in the world, but anything related to technology, I have very little!
While I’m in a ranting mood, I ‘m going to let it flow, and talk about how we can channel our challenges, anger or pain, in a positive way, generating powerful and positive changes, actions, or in some causes, non- action, which can be the greatest challenge of all.
The first way I’m going to channel my frustration and anger, is to share it with people who care, and I’m hoping that if you are reading this, then maybe you care.
Today, I took a day off to go riding and to figure out my website.
The first thing I discovered on the beach was a big, beautiful, but dead turtle washed up on Foum Labouir. ( just outside Dakhla town) It was one of the biggest I have seen, probably very old and wise, but it had obviously drowned, as it was tangled in a fishing net. I know this goes on everywhere, but every time you see the impact human greed has on nature, it hits the soul hard.
So I go kiting in the waves, have a great session, take some risks going deep, shallow, slashing the lip of the wave, even though I know its going to nail and wash me, then come back to shore, and step hard on a broken beer bottle sticking up.
It was such a sharp, deep cut that it took over a minute for the blood to start rushing out, and then the sand, and my foot turned red.
The anger and pain I felt was not coming from the cut, but from the frustration of no one seeming to care that people come to this beach every night to drink and throw their beer bottles, smashing them into pieces. We do beach cleans, and try to educate the youth about caring for the environment, and also the local authorities have people cleaning this beach, but what’s the point when there are no laws, policing or life guards to enforce and penalise the throwing of rubbish, especially hazardous rubbish, on a public beach, which is surrounded by thousands, maybe millions of pounds in tourist development.
So, the first way I channeled my anger and frustration (and pain in my foot!) was to go home and do 1 hour of Kundalini yoga. This calmed and controlled the fire inside me, and helped me to direct my energies and thoughts towards positive and powerful changes.
The second way I channeled my anger was through practicing my written French (big challenge!) by writing to the local authorities about meeting to discuss the issues of disposal of rubbish on beaches, and another letter to local representatives to discuss glass and plastic recycling, and incentives for the local community.(there is currently no recycling in Dakhla)
Given the growing environmental, social and economic impacts of marine litter, current attempts to deal with the problem are failing, at a global scale. For effective change to take place there must be a radical change in personal, political and corporate attitude.
Be the change you want to see, channeling your frustrations and anger into positive thoughts and powerful movement!
Salt water blessings.


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