Kirsty Jones World Champion Kitesurfer | Ambassador for the Ocean
Explorer | Kitesurf and Yoga Coach

Kite and Yoga courses on an enchanted windy Island in Scotland!

Kitesurf Champions and Celtic water babes Kirsty Jones & Helen Thompson present 2 exclusive Kite and Yoga courses at the Tiree Kitesurf Academy, Scotland in September 2011.

September 10th – 14th – Kitesurf Progressor and Yoga

September 17th – 21st – Kitesurf Wave and Yoga

Scotland – Isle of Tiree

Posted July 8th, 2011 in News.

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  1. John:

    Awesome week, thanks to both you and Helen. Learnt loads and have come away with new friends and knowing that my riding has progressed.Tiree is thoroughly recommended as an amazing kiting spot; I’ll be going back. Hopefully next time I won’t destroy a finger :( . Thanks again; see you on the beach.

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