Kirsty Jones

3 X World Wave Champion Kitesurfer & Water Women ~ Ambassador for the Ocean ~ Kite/Surf/SUP & Yoga Instructor

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my salty, wind swept world!

Kirsty is a true waterwoman and pioneer in the kitesurfing world, winning multiple World, National, and Master of the ocean titles, not to mention pushing the limits of long distance kitesurfing to a new level through her solo kitesurf crossings for charity.

Kirsty is a powerful inspiration to many, yet world titles are not enough for this Welsh Water-woman. Kirsty has helped, and touched the lives of many through her projects, ventures, and her KJ Experience kite, surf and yoga courses and coaching.

Through Kirsty’s long distance kitesurf crossings, between continents and countries, she has raised a significant amount of money and awareness for various charities and causes, and has been a great inspiration to many.

When Kirsty is not traveling the World, she is now based in the wind, surf & desert paradise of Dakhla, in the Sahara Desert. There she runs her KJ Experience Kite, Surf & Yoga Training Retreats,  kitesurf lessons and coaching for all levels, and daily yoga classes and retreats.

Through all of Kirsty’s ventures, her passion and intension is to help and guide others to enjoy, connect and ride with the wind, waves and nature, while freeing and strengthening the the body and mind through Yoga.

Kirsty calls for you to join her on her salty, wind swept mission!

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Welsh Born Water women Kirsty Jones from the Carmarthenshire countryside was drawn to the sea as soon as she could walk.

Kirsty started sailing dinghies with her Dad from the age of three whilst on holiday on the Pembrokeshire coast and then at the age of 16 she discovered windsurfing and surfing and became hooked on the energy of the wind and waves.

Kirsty knew straight away she wanted to follow her passion to base her life around the sea and had a far off ambition to become a professional windsurfer and travel the world.

On May 13th 2007 Kirsty pushed the limits of kitesurfing to a new level and completed a world first epic kitesurf crossing of 140 miles from the Canaries to the Western Sahara, Morocco, land to land, Solo. It took nine hour’s, non -stop and she raised money and equipment for a disabled Charity in the Sahara. Kirsty also set up a small windsurfing and surfing club for the local people in this remote Saharan village, by donating equipment and teaching them to windsurf, surf and introducing them to kite flying and kitesurfing.

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