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Kirsty’s Kite and Yoga week Dakhla

A week of wind, sun, laughter and Zen was had by all in the desert!

Every morning began at sunrise with an hour of yoga and breathing exercises before breakfast, to energize and awaken the body and mind ready for an exciting day on the water.

After a long breakfast watching the wind build and the sun rise higher, everyone would head over to the kite station for a kiting technique talk with myself and a personalised action plan for the day, usually involving a goal to attempt a new maneuver or trick!

As the wind blew all day everyday for 5 days solid everyone certainly put in the hours and effort on the water trying new things, improving technique and mostly using small kites in the strong wind! I videoed everyone riding most days to monitor and track progress and improve technique, and also to have a cheer at the best wipeouts and efforts at the end of each day!

After a superb Moroccan lunch everyday it was back on the water for an afternoon kiting session, reinforcing what had been discussed and viewed in the video feedback. By the time the sun started to go down everyone’s bodies were crying out for the restorative evening yoga session to deeply stretch, realign and relax the body and mind after hours of kitesurfing.

Each evening the most incredible display of bright stars lit up the desert sky and everyone filled their bellies with another typical Moroccan evening meal, chatting and laughing until our abs could take no more! Most nights everyone was ready to collapse into bed by 9.30pm but some nights we really pushed our limits and stayed up until 10pm!! This usually involved having one more beer and watching the video feedback. (which meant some of the crew were even battling in their sleep trying to pull off their new kitesurfing tricks!)

Every day I felt that everyone was getting more and more into the flow of the yoga, pushing their limits on the water and developing a unity with body, mind, kitesurfing and nature. I think by the end of the week we all felt an inner freedom, connection with the elements and the realization of what is really important in life.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the participants of the kite and yoga week for their energy and commitment, to Gemma and Soufiane at Kite Morocco and to my  sponsors North, Animal and ION for supporting me and giving away product for everyone on the course. Thanks to Gemma also for the great photos and magic memories!

A special thank you to the elements, the ocean, wind, waves and land for all that it gives us.

15 % of Kirsty’s profits from the course will go directly to Sea Shepherd.

‘Sea Shepherd’s mission is to end the destruction of habitat and the slaughter of wildlife in the worlds oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species’

The Kite and Yoga Crew! – Dana, Tim, Mike, Gemma, Philipp, Kirsty, Sophie, Zoe, Anne, Ross and Christian.

‘Comments from the week –

‘Hi Kirsty

Thank you so much for such a fantastic week in Dakhla. I would recommend this trip to anybody who wants to improve their riding and tricks!
We had the opportunity to try new things, come out of our comfort zone, get excellent feedback from you, see our pictures, videos and learn from our mistakes. Its just the perfect way to improve quickly … together with your expert help and the beautiful Dakhla nature,  huge flat lagoon, sand dunes, great people and great food this trip will belong to one of my best holidays! 🙂

I also had an opportunity to see how well yoga works together with kiting. It was just so nice to wake up and stretch our bodies and also improve our flexibility while watching the sunset! I felt in love with sun salutation and head stand, I try to do it few mornings back in Guernsey now!

We had such a good mix of people from all over… Denmark, Scotland, England, Austria, Slovakia, Spain… I hope we will keep in touch and hopefully meet all in June for Christian’s birthday in Tarifa!

Keep smiling… you always do

Xx ‘

Hey Kirsty!

It was an amazing week, such a good time! A great group with lots of laughter. I left with a huge smile on my face and felt ready for anything! Your instruction and coaching were the perfect balance between being professional but great fun and relaxed. I thought the pace of the week was perfect and was adapted to everyone’s needs. I really don’t think you could have done any more to improve the week.

I have nothing but very happy memories 🙂


‘ Kirsty, It was an incredibly nice kiting, relaxing and motivating week. You are really good at communicating, coaching and making people feel special. Thank you for sharing your warm and sweet energy with us.
Hope we meet somewhere again.
Besos y hasta pronto

Christian ‘

‘kirsty is a truly inspirational person. She makes nothing seem impossible in kitesurfing and has an answer for everyone – from beginner to almost-pro. Despite being a beginner, I had a fantastic time at the camp. The perfect mix of people from all over the world, wind conditions, Yoga sessions and Kirsty’s instructions that seem more like advices from a dear friend made the camp a unique and special experience – it was so much fun!
I can’t wait to get onto the again after all what I have learned. I would definitively go back for some more Yoga and kitesurfing with Kirsty!

Another Fantastic day!

Sand dune training!

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