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When we travel, work and live in other countries, it´s easy to be swept away by the waves and pace of life, movement, forgetting where, what and who inspired us to take the path we are on.
Wales is my place of inspiration, and always will be every time I return.  It´s where my roots and dreams where born and grew.
This short film created by Visit Wales is a little insight of what inspires me to go home, as often as possible! I hope it inspires you to explore your roots, your home, in all its weather and rawness, appreciating the simple pleasures, that turn out to be the most precious and inspiring.
So maybe put your toes in the sea, your feet, or even your whole body! Take a walk on a wild Welsh, windswept beach, let the wind take away anything that weighs on your shoulders. Fly a kite, open your wings, and let the dragon be free!

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