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Back on the board!

Back on the Lanzarote rock and had my first kiting session in the waves since knee op thanks to the Ortema brace. Extremely happy to be bonding again with my kite and board!

Cycling, Yoga, SUP and free diving has helped me keep mentally and physically strong through my injury and to really appreciate all the things I can do, not what I can;t do.  Injury has also made me realise that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes we all need to face our biggest fears in order to evolve, go deeper and catch the next big wave!

The toughest part now is too hold back in the waves and let go of my competitiveness until the knee is fully ready as this is the time many athletes go back to their sport too early and re – injure.

‘What doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger and wiser’

I hope to be able to help others get over their own injuries and obstacles and achieve their goals in sport and life.

Watch this space for my forth coming kite/ yoga and surf retreats, workshops, courses and adventures!

First day back kiting!


Thanks to Animal and Mercedes I have the new Vito Sport van with me in the Canaries!

Doing my yoga and physio training for my knee before a surf session.

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