Our Oceans and Marine Life

After spending most of my life traveling all over the world, chasing the wind and waves, I’ve really noticed how fragile the oceans are, and seen the impact the human race has on them. Here are some photos good and bad, showing our amazing oceans and wildlife but also how they are under extreme threat. Photos kindly provided by Steve Trewhella, Wildlife Photographer and passionate marine conservationist, and Bruno Magalhaes founder of Ocean Therapy

Action action and action!

A selection of kitesurf, surf and stand up paddle shots from all over the world.


My Lifestyle and Magic Memories

From my home in the valleys and shores of West wales to far away places all over the world. Here are some photographs that captured special moments…. Wales, Ireland, Scotland,South Africa, Canada, Indonesia, Yemen, Morocco, Senegal, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, BVI’s, Necker Island, Mozambique,Barbados, Bangladesh, Cape Verde, Canary Islands,Tunisia, Hawaii, Spain, Sahara….